$1770 - $2200
Product Description
With a newly intensified formula, Or Rouge L’Huile harnesses the revitalizing power of the precious pistil of Saffron from Morocco in a blend of 5 new exceptional botanical oils to instantly repair and embellish skin. L’Huile is also infused with Astaxanthin, an antioxidant red algae. A sensorial skin wonder in a red drop; the fast-absorbing non-sticky Or Rouge L’Huile dramatically repairs and renews skin.
1.Tap it onto cheekbones and collarbones to highlight and add a warm glow.
2.Mix it into LA CRÈME RICHE or LA CRÈME FINE for intense nourishment and dramatic skin transformation.
3.Smooth it onto dry lengths or flyaways to transform your hair texture from cotton into softest cashmere.
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